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Hidden Venice



Come with me and discover the hidden parts of this amazing city.
I will take you to the most authentic Venetian neighborhoods to indulge into intriguing stories, weird discoveries and wonderful locations.
The purpose of this tour is to show you the ‘real hidden’ Venice, leading you to less touristic locations off the beaten track.
You’ll get to explore hidden spots full of interesting stories and wonderful architecture. I offer tours in different districts around Venice. To enhance your authentic Venitian experience, I am sure that I can take you around places that you would not have been able to reach or find otherwise.
There’s a whole secret Venice that also deserves to be discovered – and this is what you will do thanks to this tour. Through a nice and relaxing walk around the city calles, you will increasingly feel and behave like a real Venetian – enjoying Venice in the best way possible!


Contact me to book!

If you need more infos regarding the tours or you would like to book a private tour with me, do not hesitate to fill in the following form!

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